After the Rain

We are hosting a family party on Sunday to celebrate Zachary’s birthday and the ‘birthday bunch’ of family members around him, including my nephew, my hubby, my brother, and my sister-in-law. With so many people coming on Sunday, I have spent the day grocery shopping and preparing food.

download (36)When I am working in the kitchen I love to have music playing and I absolutely must sing along. And, much to my family’s chagrin, doing it at the top of my lungs is best. Spending a day in the kitchen when there is no one else at home is such a rare treat. Nobody remarks on or grumbles about my volume, or the current selection on my iPad or my complete focus on the music.

It has been raining since about midnight last night so it has felt like the perfect day to tuck in at home and be in the kitchen.

I am just enjoying a cup of tea and my writing before heading out to collect Zachary from school. The rain has finally stopped and the world outside my window looks gray and overcast. As it occurred to me that it was somewhat dismal outside, my mood was instantly pivoted by the beautiful call of a cardinal.

Northern CardinalCardinals are my favourite birds and have always been a talisman for me. I love the way they mate for life, I love the song and the bright red colouring of the male, and also the beautifully muted colouring of the female. It always feels like a very good omen when I hear a cardinal singing. And, to be able to spot one is even better.

As I sat in my favourite blogging spot with my tea a few minutes ago, I not only spotted a male in full song but the female right there with him in the tree outside my window.

Needless to say, I was utterly entranced.

The cardinals stayed in the tree for a good five minutes hopping from branch to branch. And, as they did, beautiful droplets of rain that had collected were falling from each branch. I felt as if this cardinal show was just for me and I sent my deepest appreciation for the magnificent spectacle.

To top off the magic of the moment, I watched the female delicately alight from her branch and fly away while the droplets fell delicately in her wake. And I was enchanted to see her beloved mate immediately follow to meet her for their next miraculous performance.little-jewels

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