Retro Fun

Michael is having a rough time in school at the moment and at bedtime last night (after our ‘dentist day’ off) he told me that he could not face school the next day and requested another day at home. I let him know that, although staying home probably felt like the best option, it would just make it that much harder to eventually have to face going back.

Unfortunately, that little pearl of motherly wisdom did nothing to assuage his pre-teen angst.

pac_man_gameWhen there was no talking him off the ledge I decided to switch tactics. I asked him to tell me about a place where he is happiest and to use as much detail as possible. He told me that he loves being in our ‘Man Cave’ playing video games in his boxer shorts and eating chips. And he told me that someday he would love it if I would join him there. I allowed as how I would love to join him and that I had an opening in my schedule the following afternoon. My only amendment being that I would not play a shooting game and I would not be playing in my underwear!

And so, after much deliberation, we decided that we would go retro and play Pac Man. I was never much of a gamer when I was young and the only time I get near our X-Box is to watch a movie so I was at a distinct disadvantage to Michael’s well-honed trigger-finger.

However, my skill, or lack thereof, really didn’t matter. What really mattered is that Michael saw me laughing hysterically and that made him laugh too. And, he thoroughly enjoyed hearing me make as much noise as I complain about while I was being eaten by those relentless little Pac Man ghosts.

And who knows…maybe next time I’m invited into the ‘Man Cave’ I’ll even consider playing Pac Man in my underwear!

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