Fierce Intention

I’ve been fighting a cold all week. By the time I got through dinner last night I felt rotten. Slept badly and woke up feeling worse.

I have a camp reunion tomorrow night that I have been looking forward to for about four months and I am bitterly bummed that I might miss it. There will be people there that I have not seen in thirty years. People that helped to shape my camp experience and my early life experience. People I lived with, laughed with, cried with, sang with, and loved deeply. Not to mention my oldest friend, Sarah, who made my camp life fun and magical and incredibly special.

I am absolutely determined to be there so I have been alternating between salt water and lemon water all day…I can’t even imagine how many litres of water I have consumed.

So here’s my fierce intention…I intend to sleep like a baby tonight. I intend to awaken tomorrow morning feeling like me. And, I intend to go to my camp reunion and have an amazing time!

So there…!!!!!!! 🙂

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