Shopping Threshold

My blogging time is at the end of the day. My work day is done and I can finally sit down with a cup of tea, my beeswax candle and a raw treat.  Usually I have tons of creative energy in the late afternoon and I look forward to blogging.

This afternoon I am just sucked dry…and it’s all due to the loathsome chore of shopping with my beloved children!

images (37)Last night I took Max and Zachary shoe and clothes shopping while Michael was at Lacrosse. After school today was Michael’s turn. For some reason, both trips took upwards of two hours.

My shopping threshold is twenty minutes. Any more than twenty minutes and I start to feel as if my head just might blow off at any second. When I Christmas shop I never, ever browse. I know what I am buying, where I will find it, how much it will cost and which door at the mall will maximize my efficiency for the stores I need to hit.

If I cross that twenty minute threshold I deteriorate into a grumpy and sourly impatient  person that I actually don’t recognize. And, truly, it is hard to control the frustration of wanting to be anywhere but in the store or mall in which I find myself.

images (36)It is 5:15 in the afternoon. I just got home from marathon shop number two. I have made my tea, cut my piece of pie and am sitting down with my zen-inspring beeswax candle. I was just taking my first deep breath in two hours when Michael, while trying on his new shoes with all the exuberance and excitement of Christmas morning, announced that his shoes felt too big.

THEY SOLD HIM THE WRONG SIZE!!!!!!! He needed a different colour than the ones he tried on so they went into the back and got the right colour…but the wrong size.

Should I have checked? Yes!

Did I check? No!

And so…rather than disappoint my cherubic child, I am going back up to brave the dreaded shopping-land that I swore I would avoid for at least a month!

The things we do for love…download (41)

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