Super Juice Me!

I have always been a food recipe lover and I have even been known to take cookbooks to bed with me as my evening reading. When I discovered raw food four years ago, my cookbooks just weren’t cutting it anymore so I went out and bought a few un-cookbooks. I also surfed the web and found some raw foodies that appealed to me and subscribed to their sites.

russell-jamesOne of my favourites is Russell James. He is known as The Raw Chef and is based in the UK. He shares awesome recipes, tips and raw food tricks and I never miss one of his e-mails. Thanks to Russell James, I am just about to attempt making my own raw chocolate. I will share that new journey when I finish acquiring the necessary tools. Very exciting!

As I drank my Sunday dinner last night I opened an e-mail from Russell. He had just spent part of his weekend at a premiere for Jason Vale’s new documentary entitled Super Juice Me and recommended it highly. I felt like a little bit of raw food entertainment while I drank my dinner so I thought; ‘what the heck‘.

download (49)I was sucked in within the first sixty seconds and just cannot wait to finish it tonight.

It is the story of eight people who are on massive amounts of medication for their multiple diseases (including medications for the side effects of the medications). Jason Vale and his team take them away to Juicy Oasis,  his health retreat in Portugal, to see if he can impact their health with 28 days of juice, exercise, rest and sun.

The film is free for the next week and I highly recommend checking it out. I am only about a third of the way in and just can’t wait to have time tonight to finish watching it…I am pretty sure I know where it is going but I just gotta see the end!

Think I’ll make a lemon, beet and celery juice for my viewing snack tonight… 🙂

Here’s the link…enjoy!


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