This is a big day for 365 Radical Acts!

halfwayAs of today, I am at the halfway point. I have been blogging for exactly six months and I could not be more delighted. I listened to the call, followed the inspiration, and started this blog, even when my saboteur voices were listing umpteen reasons why it was not a good idea. I absolutely love blogging every day and have come to feel like 365 Radical Acts is a part of the fabric of me.

Six months ago I had no idea how truly Radical this time in my life was going to be. If someone had told me that in six months’ time I would have completed two cleanses, had a massive eczema flare, gone on Prednisone for two months, given up all animal products (which just so happened to clear up my eczema), learned about superfoods, wheatgrass, juicing, sprouts, and become a vegan, I would have told them they were nuts!

But, all those things did happen and now I have a record of each and every step.


It’s kind of like having a journal that I will be able to keep forever. And, truly, I couldn’t be more chuffed! šŸ™‚

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