The Luckiest

clean-sheetsI spent my rainy Saturday morning reading in bed and celebrating the no-demands of the day ahead. I did manage to rope Max and Michael into helping me spring clean the Man Cave. And it looks so good that I actually want to curl up and watch a movie with them tonight.

After our man cave dig-out, I caught up on the week’s laundry. And, just because my baby is coming home to his mamma late tonight, I washed Zach’s sheets. My guys absolutely love the smell and feel of clean sheets and I always enjoy their reaction when they climb into bed (who knows, maybe they will not go a whole term in university without washing their sheets!?!?!)

As I was putting the sheets on Zach’s bed I was listening to a playlist on my iPad. And as I was smoothing the warm flannel sheets over the bed and anticipating the feel of Zachary in my arms, The Luckiest started to play. I was instantly awash with a stunning depth of love and tenderness and joy and anticipation at my family being reunited tomorrow.

There is really no more that I can say, particularly because I am now feeling significantly verklempt, except that I truly am the luckiest. And, that I deeply appreciate the crazy, wonderful, challenging, bewildering , dynamic, fun, and loving group of men that I am sharing my life with! 🙂hqdefault

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