Dreams of Glory

When we moved into this house last June we knew we were getting a beautiful house.

What we did not know was that we were moving into Hockey Heaven!

We live at the corner of two one-way streets. Traffic is local and it moves very slowly. There are a delightful bunch of hockey-crazy boys within spitting distance. And, much to my delight, the kids play right outside my kitchen window so I always have front-row seats.

And tonight, I got to watch hockey legends at work.

As I washed and chopped and prepped the fresh veggies I would need for my evening juicing, I was absolutely delighted and entranced by the dialogue between Zachary and our neighbour Jack as they played their evening road hockey. They were pretending to be commentators and narrating as if they were playing an NHL playoff game. And they didn’t just pretend to be one character, they were a whole bunch. I heard Bergeron, Chara, and Krug. I heard Marchand, Bernier, Kessel, and Van Riemsdyk. And I was amazed to hear even more players’ names being tossed about with exuberant delight; Bozak, Phaneuf, Rielly, Gardiner, and Kulemin.

And, as I stood witnessing history in the making, I wondered about all the young kids out there tonight who are playing the game they love most and idolizing their heroes. And, I also wondered, all those years ago, who were the heroes of Bernier, Kessel and Bergeron?

There is just something so heartbreakingly tender about all the dreams of glory that live on our city streets, in our empty parking lots and on our ice rinks each and every day!

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