Radical Acknowledgement

Simon had trouble sleeping last Saturday night. Instead of tossing and turning, however, he decided to get up and do something.

And, what he did Radically changed my week!

images6ZUYUYX7On Mother’s Day morning I awakened to a beautiful letter in my e-mail Inbox. The letter told me what a wonderful mom I am, what an incredible job I am doing raising our boys, and how much Simon appreciates me. And it didn’t stop there. Simon went on to tell me how much my sons appreciate me right now and how much they will appreciate me in the future when they look back at my mothering.

Being the emotive type, Simon’s letter moved me to tears! I am not sure if I have ever felt more seen, more appreciated and more loved. And that letter has carried me through this week with a feeling of incredible warmth and deep fulfillment

imagesV1MXAKV6We have a nasty cold virus going through our house at the moment. Michael was home from school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Simon was home yesterday and today and Zachary missed school today. Running a business and running a house is actually two full-time jobs. Throw sick kids into that mix and it is even more challenging.

This week could have been an enormously frustrating undertaking. However, Simon’s letter echoed in my mind during every batch of chicken soup, every fresh run of supplies at the grocery store, every load of laundry, and every little thing that needed to be done to comfort a sick child.

As I sent my last client e-mail this afternoon to shut down for the long weekend, I reflected back on my week and also thought about the power of acknowledgement. I thought about how much we all love to get it and the enormous impact it has on our relationships, our families, our work, and our general outlook on life.

My Radical act for this weekend is to amp up my acknowledgement, my appreciation, and my thanks. I want to let the people I love know how much I deeply appreciate them.

And this blog post is my first one…Simon Geoghegan, your beautiful outpouring of love in the wee hours of Sunday morning made this week feel deeply fulfilling, loving, warm, and incredibly tender.

Thank you and I love you! xo:)untitled


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