Magic in the Night

It is a beautiful, sunny holiday Monday morning and I find myself in a very quiet house.

FireworksAll the men in my family are still  asleep except for Michael, my fellow early bird, because we have had two very late nights. Saturday night was a campfire in our neighbour’s backyard complete with lovely red wine, laughter, kids roasting marshmallows and hilarious charades. And last night was a glorious display of Victoria Day fireworks at the Dundas Driving Park.

The effect of two late nights for me is usually a distinct feeling of low energy and a kind of quiet sadness.

This morning, however, feels entirely different.

Cup of TeaAs I made my cup of Vanilla Rooibos tea a few moments ago, I realized that I was feeling a delicious sense of wonder, happiness and deep fulfillment. And as I tapped in to the feeling, I connected with the magic of the last two evenings; a campfire dancing in the night and then fireworks lighting up the sky with almost impossible beauty.

Isn’t it incredible how the simple things in life can have the deepest and most visceral impact? And, upon reflection, I have realized that none of them cost any money!

  • Standing beside a waterfall
  • Watching fireworks
  • The smell of freshly cut grass
  • Sitting around a campfire with friends
  • Telling someone; ‘I love you
  • Hiking in the woods
  • The smell of summer rain
  • Standing beside the ocean as waves crash in
  • Watching a sunset
  • The fragrance of lily-of-the-valley
  • The feeling of gathering one of my sons into a deep embrace and feeling us both take that first deep breath together that says; ‘we’re connected
  • An evening walk with Simon
  • Exchanging a smile with a stranger
  • Singing along to my favourite songs

So, here’s my holiday Monday question? What are the things that light you up and connect you deeply to yourself? And, have you taken the opportunity to experience at least one of them in the past few days?

Happy Monday! 🙂Pink Heart

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