To Juice or Not to Juice…

…that is the question!

BrevilleIt has been one of those days…three loads of laundry, three coaching calls, grocery shopping, errands, four days of e-mail and, thanks to our lovely holiday Monday, two days of work crammed into one!

Now…before I tackle feeding the kids, making lunches, preparing for my workshop tomorrow, folding laundry, ironing my shirt and trying to get to bed in decent time…

Do I attempt to gather my scattered thoughts and treat my audience to some deeply profound pearls of wisdom? Or do I just cut the crap, haul out my trusty Breville and treat myself to an out-of-this-world dinner?

It’s not really hard when I put it that way!

Juice for dinner…that’s the extraordinary in my anything-but-ordinary day!

Bottoms up…!!! 🙂Green Juice for Dinner

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