Extraordinarily Verdant

Today was supposed to be just a regular work-from-home day.

But it was anything but regular.

Feet in the GrassThe day was so warm and so lovely that all the windows and all the doors were flung open to receive the scents, the sounds and the constant breeze dancing through my house. It was just so wonderful to sit at my desk and feel the spring all around me that I felt as if I had delightfully puckish company with me while I worked.

My work for the day is done now and I find myself in my lovely little postage stamp of a backyard with my feet in the lush grass.

I find it extraordinary to think that two months ago this same patch of my backyard was knee-deep in snow. And today, here I sit feeling the earth beneath my feet pulsating with life.

I’m not sure it gets much more extraordinary than that! 🙂


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