Isn’t it amazing how we can go months or even years without seeing our old friends and pick up as if we left off yesterday?

I spent last evening in the company of thirteen fabulous high school girlfriends that I haven’t seen in two years. Apart from the annual (or even semi-annual) evenings, we live very separate lives. There are friendships within the group but, as a whole, we cross paths infrequently.

When the group of us do get together, we try to do it at someone’s house.  My girlfriend, Susan, was last night’s hostess. There are two reasons for the choice of house over restaurant; reason number one is that it is easier to get around and visit with everyone in a house, and reason number two is that we are very loud, very animated, and very squeaky!

We were dubbed ‘the squeak clique‘ in high school because whenever and wherever we greeted each other, it was with ear-splittingly high and extremely enthusiastic voices. And the thing that just kills me is, twenty seven years later, nothing has changed. The noise in Susan’s house as we gathered last night was absolutely off the Richter Scale!

As we all stood around the island in Susan’s kitchen gobbling appetizers, I stood back for a moment and watched. And what I saw delighted me and moved me deeply. I watched a group of dynamic, beautiful, open and loving women connecting wholeheartedly after a long hiatus. I saw friendship, I saw laughter, I saw playfulness, I saw jokes, I saw hugs, I saw eye contact and I saw deep connection.

And, while I was watching, I was also listening to the high and exuberantly animated conversation that was our trademark all those years ago!

As I stood there and basked in the female friendship from my past, I wondered at the squeak in our squeak clique. And, what I realized for the first time in over twenty seven years is that, all those years ago, we delighted in each other’s company and were never shy about letting it show. And I am heart-burstingly-happy to observe that, all these years later, we still do.

Despite a very late night last night, I am still flying high today. I am so full of love, hugs, laughter and fun that my heart could just burst with happiness.

We graduated from high school twenty seven years ago this month. It was a time that was ridiculously fun on the one hand and achingly bittersweet on the other. We knew back then that we had something incredibly special.  And we also knew that it would never be the same again as we all headed off to university, to travel, to the rest of our lives.

Those final weeks of June 1987 were some of the happiest and most carefree of my life. And now, here I sit in June of 2014. The gift of almost three decades of perspective has revealed some incredibly poignant truths; that the friendships that were forged during those five years of high school will continue to burn strong and that we will remain as delightfully squeaky as ever! 🙂Pink Heart



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