Better Together

My hubby has been away for almost a week and I am badly missing my partner-in-crime!

My diet has not shifted in the slightest with Simon’s absence. I am still juicing, making my smoothies, creating raw desserts and preparing raw meals. I am still eating gigantic salads at odd times of the day and plowing through my chaga tea.

Better TogetherWhat I am not doing is enjoying it all quite as much.

Simon’s absence has reminded me that maintaining a Radical diet is way more fun with a buddy. I love starting our day with a ginger shot and doing the crazy dance around the kitchen while it kicks in. I love creating our fresh juice together in the mornings, packing super foods into our smoothies, enjoying a cup of tea and a raw dessert in the afternoon and sharing whatever dinner creation makes its way out of our fridge at night.

And I love the feeling of wellness and transformation that we are sharing as it evolves in all its miraculousness.

It is always good to have the opportunity to appreciate the most special relationships in our lives as, ironically, they are the ones that can get overlooked.

And so, here is my conscious and intentional message to my husband, parenting partner, juicing partner, life partner and my love…’you rock, dude, and I LOVE sharing this journey with you!’ 🙂img_a1605112aa1

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