Extraordinarily Hilarious

I feel compelled to share not only the extraordinary in my day but also the hilarious!

It is Michael’s turn this week to be the goalie for his lacrosse team. And, with Simon out of town tonight, that left me to be the parent-on-duty to get him to his practice.

As we were getting ready to leave the house with the massive goalie bag, Michael happily informed me that he did not need his regular lacrosse bag. And, because he is eleven years old and has been at this for two months now, I didn’t even question him.

That was my first mistake!

photo-2We arrived at the arena with seven minutes to spare. As I was dropping Michael and Zachary at the front door, so that Michael could start getting dressed, Michael suddenly realized that he did not have his gloves, his mouth guard or his helmet.


So, after relieving myself of a few carefully chosen sentiments of frustration, I turned around and drove the fifteen minutes back home to get the f—ing bag!

By the time I returned to the arena I was well and truly pissed. And, to make matters worse, I couldn’t find Michael in the rabbit-warren of dressing rooms at the arena. At the end of one hallway I heard Michael calling me and turned around to ream him out one last time…but instead, I took one look at him and burst out laughing!

I have never seen anything funnier than the lacrosse goalie gear. Michael’s legs are at least twice their normal size and he  looks about as wide as he is tall. I mean, why do lacrosse goalies need goalie sticks? Their gear takes up the entire net.

Not to mention the fact that the goalie stick looks like the fishing net we use at the cottage!

The bubble of my bad mood was well and truly burst a few minutes later when I had the priviledge of watching Michael try to run around the arena in his gear…really, like something out of a bad episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos!

Isn’t it curious how the most frustrating aspect of my day today became my moment of extraordinary? 🙂

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