The Mini Lab

I absolutely love working for myself!

I love running my business, meeting new clients, designing workshops, running workshops, coaching, marketing, and managing my time. And, I have finally come to grips with the fact that I also love sales (and am really good at it too!)

FlyThe only fly in the ointment of my entrepreneurial bliss is proposal writing.

Writing proposals hearkens back to exam studying in high school. And, unfortunately, I have had thirty more years to perfect my procrastination practice!

I have had a proposal hanging over me all week. And, the crazy thing is, it is a project I am super excited about and work that I really want.

Mini CooperSimon and I have had a very busy week and decided that we would go to the Lettuce Love Cafe for lunch to have a catch-up. As we were driving in our cute little red Mini Cooper to Burlington, I told Simon I was struggling with my proposal. He asked for a few details and in about two minutes picked out the salient points and, basically, had the proposal written.

When we got to Lettuce Love I cracked open my computer and finished the proposal before lunch even arrived.

Yay Simon!

I have such a deep appreciation for idea people!

It is as if their brains are just wired for ingenious creativity and thinking outside of the box. And, they seem to miraculously manage to stay out of the weeds of all the details that the rest of us just can’t seem to avoid.

So, next time I have a proposal to write, all I need to do is drive somewhere in the Mini Idea Lab with my incredibly innovative and out-of-the-box husband!Out of the Box

2 thoughts on “The Mini Lab

  1. This so speaks to the concept of generosity…generosity of sharing and generosity of collaborating just for the pure fun of throwing ideas around and seeing if anything lands. I’m with you Katie…to write a proposal by myself is agony, just talking to someone about the idea for 10 minutes is like genius fireworks going off and voila…the proposal is done!

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