LA Kings

My sweet little Michael is die-hard LA Kings fan!

Stanley CupMichael has stood firm in his love for the Kings since mid-playoffs 2012 and has been unwavering even against the pressure from the three passionate Toronto Maple Leafs fans in our household.

Michael has all kinds of Kings paraphernalia; a teddy bear, a hat, stickers, hockey cards, a t-shirt, a fan magazine, a puck, and, most importantly, an LA Kings jersey with Jonathan Quick’s name embroidered on the back. Since the playoffs began two months ago I think that jersey has been washed a sum total of three times. He sleeps in it, wears it to school and proudly dons it while he cheers his team to victory.

Well, this is a big night for Michael. His beloved Kings are up three games to one in their series final against the New York Rangers. They have home ice advantage and a win tonight means that Michael will get to witness the stunning drama of his team’s victory- complete with the kissing of the cup!

I am not even a hockey fan and my stomach is full of butterflies!

Go Kings! 🙂LA Kings

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