The Other December

I awakened this morning feeling a distinct dearth of energy. Yes, we had two very late nights this weekend, but there was more. It is just not like me to struggle out of bed in the morning. Sleepy

I pushed my way through our morning routine and bullied myself to attend my Monday morning weight class. As I was hefting and hauling my weights like a little trooper, I looked around and realized that I was not the only one struggling. The energy in the entire class felt distinctly low.

It was not just the spring in my step that was missing, it was the spring everyone else’s as well.

And that’s when it dawned on me…it’s June!

June is the month that I call ‘the other December‘ because there are parties, graduations, trip forms, picnics in the park, celebrations, field trips, exams, teacher presents, and the mounting hysteria as kids of all ages careen toward the last day of school.

Usually, by the time my birthday hits on the 5th of June, my business starts to wind down for the summer. As a sole proprietor business owner, that fact has its ups and its downs. From a financial perspective, a slow three months can be a hard hit. From a family perspective, however, it means I am way more available for kids going here, there and everywhere.

Especially in June.

I am thrilled to report that my business is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down until early August. That is a great-big-high-five and I am thrilled!

It’s just that I have to get through these next eleven days with that many more balls in the air. And between now and then, I really need more like a month to do it!

I am WOMAN! 🙂I am Woman


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