Sympathy for the Devil

Katie and the boys.

That is my life.

And…I love it!

Field TripAt 9:00 sharp this morning, I arrived in Michael’s classroom to drive a van load of kids for a class field trip. We were heading out of the city to do some tree planting at a nature reserve for a few hours.

I am a boy mom. And do you know what that means for teachers and field trips? It means that every single field trip I have driven for the past ten years has been a boy field trip. I never get girls in my group. I get the ‘highly energetic‘ boys.

I am exhausted by the end of the field trip but, truly, I love it!

When we all piled into the van after the national anthem and attendance this morning, spirits were high. The boys asked for the radio on loud and, as we made our way out of the city, they took it in turns to punch each other repeatedly and dance wildly to the music (with their seat belts on, of course). At one point I thought the car was breaking down because it started to shake uncontrollably. Fortunately, it only took me a few seconds to realize that it was just five pre-teen boys thoroughly enjoying the music.

Mom DrivingUnfortunately, our trip was rained out. We had been there no more than twenty minutes when the thunder started to rumble and the trip called off. I have to say that the disappointment was painfully palpable for the first few minutes of our return car trip.

Back to school…drag!

It only took a few minutes for the kids to amp back up. And, because they had not had the opportunity to get their ‘ya-yas out‘ traipsing through the woods for three hours, the energy was a little harder to take. And as the van started to shake again, I wondered whether I was going to make it back to school with all my marbles safely in place.

That is when something extraordinary happened…

I flipped the radio to Q107 which is a Toronto rock station. Moments later, the Rolling Stones launched into those unmistakable opening notes of Sympathy for the Devil. ‘Name That Band’ is one of my favourite car games with my kids so I yelled over the music to the wild men in the back of my van…’name that band…!’

They knew it was vintage but they had trouble nailing it…Led Zeppelin, ACDC, The Who, The Beatles, Pink Floyd…

When I told them the logo had a big red tongue hanging out I heard someone shout…’The Rolling Stones‘! And then, much to my surprise and delight, all five boys got really quiet and listened to the entire six minute and twenty three second song.

Who knew? All I needed to tranquillize five boys was a little bit of The Stones!

My extraordinary moment today is bearing witness to the power of really great music.

And so, to Mick and the boys, my deepest and most sincere thanks for your rockingly awesome music. Not to mention the six minutes and twenty three seconds of sanity-restoring quiet! 🙂Rolling Stones

2 thoughts on “Sympathy for the Devil

  1. This is a fab post, I had a smile on my face all the time I read it! I have a feeling I am going to end up being a boy mum as well….. Perhaps I’ll have a glass of wine now, just to prepare me!

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