Blood, Sweat, Tears…and Vomit

SprintingWhen I was in elementary school, I was a sprinter. I loved to run. And I loved to run fast.

And the day I looked forward to most back then was the annual Track & Field meet held in June. I just loved the whole feeling of competition, butterflies in my stomach, announcements over the PA System, wearing a number on my back and competing for my school. And the feeling of being cheered on by my buddies, my parents and my grandparents is one I still remember with a lump in my throat.

Today, I spent the day at Zachary’s Track & Field meet and loved every minute of it!

Six years ago, when Max began competing in Track & Field, I volunteered to be a finish line marshall and had an absolute blast. And, every year since, that is where you will find me during the kids’ meets…right there in the thick of all the fun.

Finish LineThere is just something about being there at the finish line that utterly delights me…and chokes me up.

I am right there greeting kids as they cross the finish line. And it is the full spectrum of the human experience. Some kids throw their hands up in victory, some are in tears, and some are just pouring with sweat from the heat and the exertion. And being a part of it moves me deeply. And not just because it takes me back to my childhood, but because I get to be a part of seeing it all from the other side and knowing that, for some of the kids, these are days they will always remember.

I’ll be so sad when my kids have moved on and I am no longer needed to go and stand at the finish line cheering my heart out for each and every child there.

What I won’t miss, however, is that one kid every year who vomits on my shoes!Winky

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