Extraordinary Naturalists

I took the boys hiking this afternoon on a section of the Bruce Trail that we have never explored before. As the boys romped and played and discovered, and I marked our path with the easily distinguishable white trail markers, I felt the deepest appreciation for such beautiful forest a mere seven blocks from our house.

Bruce TrailAs we continued our hike, it also occurred to me how much I appreciate the hundreds of volunteers who maintain the 890km of trails every year.

On our return loop, we happened upon a Bruce Trail volunteer and spent twenty lovely minutes in his company. He was a retired gentleman with a serious passion for his volunteer work. He answered our questions eagerly, told us stories and shared facts that I had never known about the Bruce Trail. The kids were soaking it all in and tripping over themselves with curiosity.

The last little tid-bit of information that he shared was that he and his men’s hiking group were days from reaching their goal of hiking the trail from one end to the other. They had started at the Niagara end in January 2013 and were heading up to Tobermory in the morning to finish their remaining 35km of trail.

We all walked away with big smiles on our faces. And it felt so good to have had the chance to actually thank one of the volunteers that I had been quietly appreciating as I communed with the trees at the beginning of our hike.

Isn’t it extraordinary that, over fifty years ago, a group of naturalists with an amazing vision got together to steward Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath?

Thanks guys! 🙂Bruce Trail Satellite

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