Exhausted Introvert

I was on an end-of-year all-school field trip with Zachary’s class today. Zachary spent the better part of the trip in a very difficult third circle and the highlight, or should I say lowlight, was when he and another (third circle) boy in my group were wrestling over a Yop drink. Zachary managed to wrench it from the other boys’ hands while standing right behind me.

YOPSo guess where it ended up? You got it…all up my back.

Wet jeans, wet underwear, wet t-shirt. Wet, cold, thick and disgustingly sticky yogurt drink!

Oh…did Zachary get an earful from his mother!

Fortunately, the field trip venue was attached to a mall so I left my group of insane children with the teacher and slipped into Vans to buy a new t-shirt. No time for new undies and jeans so I just got to enjoy my soggy rear end for the rest of the afternoon.

I am now home in my quiet backyard in fresh clothes. My tea is quietly steaming beside me and the introvert in me is just completely and utterly done.

Shutting down…

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