Playing Along the Way

I am driving north with Michael, Max and a buddy of Max’s for the weekend. We are heading to Thornbury to stay with my mom and dad and I am so excited about some time away. The past few weeks has been so nutty that a bit of R and R is going to be a welcome change.

I have been travelling to Thornbury for so many years that the car will almost do it on automatic pilot. And, without really giving it much thought, my philosophy of the journey is; just get there.

SkateparkAs we were approaching Orangeville a few minutes ago, Max told me that the Orangeville skate park has a reputation for being a kick-a** park and asked if we could stop for a few minutes.

My initial reaction was to refuse the request. ‘Oh honey, let’s just get where we’re going‘ almost slipped out of my mouth. There was something, however, that made me stop and consider.

And as I was considering, I realized a number of things; it is a beautiful afternoon, we have absolutely no time restraints and I would love to spend some time in a beautiful shady park while the guys get to chalk another skate park up to their list.

And so, the skaters are happily doing what they do best, Michael is playing in the playground and I am enjoying the beautiful shade of a stand of stately pine trees.

Isn’t it extraordinary how we often react to things without taking those few moments to consider another way?

My Radical act for today is saying ‘YES’ to playing along the way!

And I think that is a pretty auspicious way to start our summer holidays! 🙂



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