Way to Go Katie!

After dropping Michael and Zachary for their first morning of sports camp a few days ago, I decided to treat myself to a solo bike ride. I had no plan, no time constraints, no route in mind, and nobody needing me to slow down, speed up, or to stop for yet another drink of water.

CyclingI was free to just go where my legs could peddle.

And, did these legs ever do an amazing job!

I tackled a few hills that I wasn’t actually sure I could do (especially without my cycling coach beside me…Simon is an awesome cycling sensei) and spent far longer out on my bike than I had anticipated. The past six months at the gym has certainly paid off because my endurance was significantly better than last summer- yay!

I had an absolutely fabulous ride and felt like a million bucks by the time I got home. I wanted to know how far I had gone so I joined MapMyRide which is a free site that enables you to track not only cycling but also running, workouts at the gym, weight, calories burned and more. It was so much fun to be able to see my ride and watch as MapMyRide instantly calculated and illustrated the elevations I had ridden…I didn’t just get credit for the 25km ride, I also got credit for the hills I conquered!

Map My RideHow cool is that?!

And it gets better.

The morning after my ride, I awakened to an e-mail from MapMyRide and the subject line was; Way to Go, Katie! I had received a congratulatory e-mail for my epic solo ride the day before.

And I’m sure you can guess what the impact was…I could’t wait to get out for my next ride so I could calculate, tabulate and track!

Now, I am fully aware that the e-mail I received congratulating me on my ride was from a computer server. But you know what? It really doesn’t matter. The magic lies in the delicious acknowledgement of a job well done, regardless of the source.

Simon and I spent this morning riding up the Escarpment Rail Trail. It was a beautiful trail and a steady butt-burning climb up the escarpment through lush green woods. After a fabulous ride, and about 15 minutes of much-needed stretching, it was such fun to sit down and map out the glorious 33km that we had ridden and then to gleefully anticipate the accolades that would be awaiting me in my morning e-mail.

What an extraordinarily cool world we are living in!Cute Winky


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