Isn’t it Awesome?

Isn’t it awesome when your kids are fun to hang out with?

Me Loves ThemI absolutely love being a parent and I have loved every stage my kids have gone through. I must say, though, that I am just loving the fact that my kids are now old enough to talk with, play with, reason with, hang out with, build a co-active relationship with and laugh with on a daily basis.

And I sure leaned in to that today…

My sister is getting married a week tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier for her or more excited for all the festivities in the coming week; stagette tomorrow, rehearsal party Friday night, wedding Saturday and poolside brunch Sunday. When I awakened this morning I realized that I have absolutely nothing to wear that is not jeans or capri pants tomorrow night and for the rehearsal party.

Uh-oh…need to go shopping.

I am not a clothes person and I am not a shopper. My threshold for shopping is about 15 minutes and with a 5′ 2″ frame it can be challenging to find clothes that feel good, fit right and do not cost a small fortune.

My teenager, however, is a shopper extraordinaire!

Shopping at the MallAnd so, at 11:00 this morning I bravely ventured up to Max’s third-floor-lair to begin the arduous task of peeling him out of bed. Max simply cannot resist the pull of the mall and the promise of a free lunch, so it was not hard to convince him to join in on the shopping ‘fun’.

We just arrived home after hanging at the mall for over two hours. Max helped me pick out things to try on, gave me his honest opinion when I emerged from the change room in yet another outfit, and did not roll his eyes once as I dragged him from store to store. If I had been on my own I probably would have lasted my usual quarter of an hour and come away with something I felt lukewarm at best about. However, with Max’s humour, sense of fun and shopping savvy, I came away from the mall with a new outfit that I absolutely love (and that was 30% off the sale price- gotta love that!)

And so, the extraordinary in my day today is my deep and happy appreciation for my awesome kids.

And…another bonus of my growing children? That I no longer have to endure Raffi’s Greatest Hits looping relentlessly in my van every time it pulls out of the driveway.

I mean, really, there is only so much Baby Beluga one girl can take!  🙂Baby Beluga



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