Bird TV

I was under strict instructions yesterday afternoon to ‘do nothing‘. Little did I know when I headed out to my back garden to follow my husband’s do-nothing orders, that I was going to be involved in something truly miraculous.

BIrd in the GrassAs I made my way across our tiny patch of lawn to set up for my nothingness, I almost stepped on a dead bird nestled into the grass. My heart clutched and I felt that horrible regret that our cat had killed yet another innocent little creature.

As I looked a little closer, though, I realized that it was not dead at all but just resting in the long grass. Fortunately, my cat, who was following me outside for some shady afternoon dozing, had not yet noticed it. So I scooped her up and shut her in the house (much to her very loud annoyance).

I wasn’t sure if the bird was hurt and didn’t want to frighten it so I just stretched out on my comfy chair and watched.

It wasn’t long before the bird hopped across the grass and up the two stairs to our small back porch. The bird was trying desperately to fly and was not having an easy time so I figured it was hurt. I called Animal Control to see if they could help. They feel kind of like my new best friends after the baby bunny incident that I blogged about a month ago. The incredibly supportive woman at Animal Control asked me a few questions and we determined that the bird was a baby who was in the middle of flying lesson from its mother (which explained the larger two birds that kept flying down periodically…mom and dad were both in on this lesson).

Unfortunately, mama bird picked a yard with an incredibly vicious cat!

Flying LessonI kept the cat in the house and watched for three hours as the baby bird tried valiantly to fly. It looked so demanding on the poor little guy that I just wanted to lift it up into the tree above. However, from one mom to another, I don’t want anyone uninvited near my babies, so I left hers alone.

Max and his buddies drifted into the back yard a few times to check on the progress, to shout encouragement and to take selfies with the bird. There was something so endearingly adorable about those great big skateboarders cheering on a baby bird’s flying lesson that it just made me love them even more.

I never did see the baby bird take flight but when I went out after dinner it was gone so I am assuming it managed the gargantuan feat.

I am not very good at doing nothing. I don’t sit around very well and there is only so long I can read before my body wants me to do, to accomplish, to cross off my list, to be productive. However, the gift of my very own big-screen-front-row-seat-baby-bird-flying-lesson meant that I had miraculous, tiny, and valiant company for my afternoon of rest.

Just gotta love how the Universe conspires to line it up so exceptionally! 🙂Perfection

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