Tender Beginnings

Red LightOn my way home from dropping Zachary at camp this morning I was stuck at a red light right in front of St. Joseph’s hospital in downtown Hamilton. It was one of those lights that seems to take forever to change so I had a great deal of time to witness and celebrate an extraordinarily tender moment.

Infant carrierJust as I stopped at the light, a man in his late twenties crossed the street in front of me carrying a brand new and empty infant car seat. As I watched him waiting for the light to change I wondered why the car seat was empty. I also wondered why I felt so drawn to him when suddenly it hit me…he was on his way to pick up his new baby from the hospital.

As I tapped into him I could feel all the excitement, the fear, the trepidation, the brand new love, and those first inklings of newborn lack-of-sleep fatigue. I thought about all the things that, as a new father, he has yet to experience; the indescribable feeling of tenderness as his baby sleeps on his chest, the rush of love as his baby says ‘dada‘ for the first time, the feeling of the tiny hand in his as his baby takes those first steps, his baby’s first cold, the first emergency room visit, and the first tooth. I thought about the first sleep through the night, the first day of school, the first Father’s day card, and the first broken heart.

And, as I watched this brand new father, I sent him a wave of love so big and so strong it could have knocked him over. I also sent him my silent wishes for a wonderful life. I wished him a smooth ride while he and his partner make the challenging transition from a family of two to a family of three. And, most of all, I wished his new family all the joy, health and love that I could muster.

Somewhere out there tonight is a brand new family just taking their first steps together. And I think that’s pretty extraordinary!New Baby



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