I am delivering Day 2 of last Wednesday’s workshop in downtown Toronto tomorrow. Rather than leaving the cottage at 3:50 tomorrow morning for my 6:22 GoTrain from Barrie, I decided to make the two-hour drive from the cottage to Barrie tonight and stay in a hotel.

We had a hot, sunny and gorgeous day on the water today. An hour before I was to leave, however, we were hit with a nasty summer storm. I waited for a lull in the weather so I could leave. Well, I goofed…let’s just say that what I thought was a lull was simply Mother Nature taking a deep breath for one of the worst storms I have seen.

I am not sure I have ever had a more stressful or more challenging drive. I am pretty sure I drove down right in the eye of the storm; torrential rain, fork lightning all around the car and very high winds accompanied me all the way from Parry Sound to Barrie.

After the long and extremely sad day yesterday and the pull I am feeling towards my kids, my husband, my family, and my girlfriends, it was very hard to leave the bosom of my family tonight.

So here I sit in this unremarkable hotel room in Barrie just feeling way too far away from the love and comfort I am so badly craving.

And to add insult to injury? As I was checking in half an hour ago, the desk clerk told me that I was lucky to have made it here ahead of the severe thunderstorm that is supposed to hit Barrie tonight.

Oh man…

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