I would not care to repeat yesterday. It was a rough one.

I am unaccustomed to heavy sadness weighing upon my chest like a heavy blanket. Yesterday’s mantle was so heavy that it was an effort to go about even the simplest of tasks and my heart goes out to those who feel that pall each and every day.

Tender HeartI had my first solid sleep in almost two weeks and awakened to my alarm at 5:30 this morning knowing that I had come through the worst. After a quick meditation, I got through the work that has been bogging me down and then began the arduous process of rousting three sleeping sons from their beds for the 8:15am appointment with our chiropractor.

There was something so delightfully charming about their early-morning-bleary-eyes that my heart swelled with tender mother-love as I drove the fifteen minutes to our destination.

After dropping the kids back at home after our adjustments, I was off for another self-care appointment with our energy healer, Tanis. She lives an hour away which means time alone in the car to relax, to contemplate and to connect. I had my iPad on shuffle as I drove and found myself easily leaning in to the music, the verdant green of the farmers’ fields and the knowing that there was nowhere else on the planet that I wanted to be in that moment of time.

Higher EnergiesI had a profoundly wonderful appointment and left feeling more deeply connected to my highest energetic self than I have in quite some time. Isn’t it funny how we can so easily slip out of the habit of the things that make us feel the very best?

Go figure.

Michael and Zachary were just arriving home from tennis camp when I pulled in and were full of the fun they had had. After a quick snack, Zach was off to play hockey with some buddies and Michael was tucking in to do his own thing in the Man Cave. So, after a cursory scan of e-mail, I had a long epsom salts bath and meditated in the comfort and the warmth.

For the past hour I have been cooking dinner for the family and singing at the top of my lungs (my poor neighbours!!!) to Mumford and Sons. And, really, I defy anyone to resist dancing around the kitchen when cooking with that music!

And so, between the chiropractor, the healer, the bath, the singing and the dancing, I am back. I am okay. I am healed.

It really can be that extraordinarily simple to clear out the emotional cobwebs, can’t it?Cobwebs

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