Peach Crisp

Zachary and I have had the most deliciously easy day. We both slept until after 9:00 and had a long cuddle before we got up. And, as we were cuddling and not having a care in the world for the time, we decided that the energy of holidays is truly lovely.

Peach CrispWe went on a bike ride after breakfast this morning with my parents and my aunt and uncle and then stopped for some gelato by the pier.

This afternoon has seen us lounging by the pool, playing Scrabble and making a peach crisp.

Zachary and I had a ball making the crisp together and taste-testing the crumble topping until we got it just right. And, as we stood shoulder to shoulder at the counter, I was hit by a wave of love and peacefulness that was so strong it almost made me cry. There is just nothing on earth as lovely as time spent in the company of an adorable child.

Oh…life feels so good! 🙂

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