Scrabble and Love

I am sitting on the spacious back deck at my parents’ place up north. The birds are singing, the sun is dappling though the trees and there is a beautiful light breeze.

ScrabbleI am reading my book in solitary splendour and happily tuning in and out of the Scrabble game in play.

My mom and dad play Scrabble every day and Zachary has become an apprentice to their daily ritual. He is teamed up with my dad and it is absolutely adorable watching them whisper and confer on their next move. Zach’s big blue eyes are absolutely full with love, trust and respect as he looks adoringly up at his grandfather.

And as I watch them I am reminded of my own childhood with my beloved grandparents.

There is just something so incredibly special about grandparents. I wish that every kid had the opportunity to know the deep and unconditional love that I experienced as a child and that I am bearing witness to at this very moment.

Talk about exceptional! 🙂Grandparents

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