Holy Testosterone Batman!

After a rainy morning sleep-in, a long walk to get the paper and a leisurely breakfast, the sun, thankfully, decided to cooperate with our outdoor plans for the day.

TennisIt is so hot that it did not take long for the tennis courts to dry out for round two of our ‘King of the Hill’ game. I was the winner in last night’s game so the boys were anxious to depose me. We had a great 90 minutes of tennis and then headed to the pool. For the first hour we were the only ones at the pool which meant that we could play their favourite game…I throw the tennis ball and they try to catch it as they are jumping into the pool.

By the time the guys were getting bored of the toss-and-catch-game, two moms arrived with five young boys between them.

And, I have to say, what ensued was absolutely classic boy behaviour!

They cannonballed, they dove, they splashed, they hooted and hollered and tried, at every turn, to be noticed by and to out-do the others. It was so wild, so chaotic-looking and so noisy I felt like I was watching the pool scene in Caddyshack.

As the two moms and I watched and enjoyed the chaotic fun, we laughed and appreciated the fact that there weren’t any shy little girls in the group. That amount of testosterone makes no apologies, takes no prisoners and absolutely demands its very own container! 🙂Cannonball Jump

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