Find a Spring

We have been drinking natural spring water for the past nine months. And, frankly, we have become completely spoiled by such delicious, pure and natural water.

Natural Spring WaterMy friend Loren goes up to the spring in Puslinch twice a week so all we have to do is drop our big glass water jugs every Wednesday and Saturday at her Raw Shop and they are magically filled for us. Loren is on holidays this week so her shop is closed. When I got home from Thornbury this morning and there was no water in the jug it was a little bit alarming. I just can’t seem to enjoy tap water anymore because the smell and taste of chlorine is so strong.

A few months ago, when Loren was going to be away on holidays, she told me about a website called Find A Spring which was created by Daniel Vitalis, an incredibly dynamic health and wellness guru.  And so, this afternoon, we Googled it up, found our local spring on the map, watched a YouTube video about it and Simon and Michael headed up there to replenish our water supply.

As I sit here enjoying my cup of mint tea (made with our newly replenished spring water) I am just so appreciative that there are such passionate people out there in the world like Daniel Vitalis who care enough about spring water to create an entire web page so that, wherever I am in the world, I can find it.

I think that’s pretty extraordinary, actually! Thanks Daniel! 🙂Daniel Vitalis


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