The Squeak Clique Revisited

NoisyI arrived home after picking Zachary up from school today to a houseful of teenagers.

Usually, the teenagers in my house are large and moderately non-verbal boys. When I greet these large teenage males, I tend to get a one-word response that usually comes out sounding something like a grunt. And, any questions I ask are responded to with a bare minimum of both syllables and effort.

Today, however, there were two girls in the teenage after-school-mix and, I have to say, I had completely forgotten how loud teenage girls are!

As the group of them sat at the dining room table sharing a gigantic pizza, all I could think was; ‘oh my gosh…31 years ago that was me‘! And, it dawned on me how very apt the guys in our group had been when they fondly (or maybe not so fondly) dubbed us ‘The Squeak Clique‘!

I absolutely love having Max’s friends here after school (and I wish he would do it more often than he does). I must admit, however, that I was relieved to hear the din dwindling down to a dull murmur as they made their happily noisy way down our street and towards their respective homes for dinner! 🙂0110-0903-0910-0056_group_little_girls_chatting_together

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