Funky Socks

When I was getting dressed in the half-dark of 5:15 this morning to get ready for today’s workshop, I realized that I was very low on work socks. The one pair I was able to unearth from the dark recesses of my sock drawer were a little tired looking but I decided they would do in a pinch.

Hole in my SockThat is, until my big toe sailed right through a gaping hole.

Oh dear!

Here’s the thing…once my morning commute to Toronto is complete and my running shoes come off to be replaced by my work shoes, nobody will know that I have a giant hole in my left sock.

But…I will know.

After my lovely walk up Bay Street to College Street, I decided that I just couldn’t go through my day with a sub-par outfit (even if it was just socks) so I stopped at the Pharma Plus on the corner and bought some new ones.

And I didn’t just buy your run-of-the-mill black socks! I bought the funkiest work socks I have ever owned!

I am now settled in my workshop room awaiting my participants for the day with a lovely secret hidden inside my shoes…

Don’t you just love funky socks? šŸ™‚Funky SOcks

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