Extraordinary Appreciation

Heavy BoxWhen I got home from work last night, I suddenly had the urge to move the last two boxes that have taken up permanent residence in our bedroom since our move almost sixteen months ago. Isn’t it funny how long something can sit unnoticed and then suddenly become an eyesore?

The two boxes are heavy so I enlisted Simon’s help with my moving whim. And, being the strong guy that he is, Simon decided to move them both at one time. Unfortunately, as he picked them up he also turned to talk to me across the room and badly injured his back. He dropped the boxes and was in so much pain he couldn’t catch his breath.

Within moments of the injury we were on the phone to our chiropractor and, as luck would have it, she was open and was willing to see him as an emergency. Her diagnosis was that Simon had dislocated a rib. She did what she could, told him to go home and have an epsom salts bath and to come back for another adjustment in the morning.

Even getting into bed last night was painful for Simon and I feared that he was facing weeks of rehabilitation.

When he awakened this morning he was a little stiff but miraculously mobile. He didn’t even need the Advil that had been so necessary the night before. And, on his return from the second visit to our chiropractor and a thirty minute treatment from his massage therapist, he pronounced himself 90% recovered!

Simon and I have spent the day marvelling at the miraculous powers of a fit and healthy body to heal so quickly and how very fortunate we feel to have such a fabulous team of healers around us when we need them.

A happy Friday indeed! 🙂Healers

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