I’m back in Toronto this morning for a workshop and have another little Toronto tid-bit that I just have to share.

I am a people watcher. There is just something about observing people that really fascinates me. One of my favourite places to indulge in my little passion is on the downtown streets of Toronto when all the daily commuters are out in full force.

And I see it all.

I see people who are exhausted, beautifully dressed, surly, happy, rushing, chatting with fellow commuters, talking incessantly on the phone, checking texts and e-mails with alarming frequency, buying coffee and going about their weekday lives.

One of my favourite types to watch is the beautifully dressed and uber-professional executives. They just look so important and so serious I often find myself wondering who the man or woman is beneath that stony exterior.

This morning, I got a little glimpse.

As I walked north on Bay Street past the subway, I became aware of a very well-dressed man in his mid-thirties walking briskly ahead of me. Perfectly groomed, sleek-looking suit and tie, cuff links, expensive shoes, and a gorgeous briefcase in one hand. Everything about him spoke power, prestige and dominance. And, that feeling of inaccessibility that often goes along with this personality type.

That is, until I looked in the other hand.

My heart just melted when I realized that the box he was carrying was full of Girl Guide cookies. And, suddenly, rather than the ball-busting exec, I got to see him as the devoted father who would be willing to sell his little girl’s cookies at work.

I find it truly extraordinary to be gifted these charming glimpses of life and love and family as I go about the business of my own day. And recognizing that these doses of deep human connection truly feed my soul.

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