Divine Timing

UnwellWhen I awakened yesterday morning I didn’t feel better. In fact, if I allowed myself to really admit it, I was feeling worse. My lungs burned as if I had been running a marathon outside in minus 20 degree Celsius weather and walking up a flight of stairs left me feeling completely winded. My body was aching from head to toe and I was extremely low energy. And if I tried to do too much (like making smoothies for the kids) I got sweaty and shaky.

All I could think was…whose body is this?

I felt even worse this morning so I decided it was time to make a call to the doctor. I am not what you would call a regular patient. I visit my naturopath, chiropractor and energy healer on a regular basis but my doctor sees very little of me. Therefore, a call to the doctor is of great significance.

Divine TimingThe long and the short is that I have pneumonia. I have started a 10-day course of Biaxin and I am to be in bed for a week.

Here’s where the Divine Timing comes in… I have absolutely nothing on my calendar this week except one coaching call tomorrow.


Last week was jam-packed and next week is completely full of coaching and workshops.

It is as if the Universe perfectly orchestrated this week just for me. And, put a long weekend at the end just for good measure.

Isn’t that extraordinary?!?Out Sick

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