The Big Guy

It is Monday evening and I am sitting in the hockey arena while Zachary is assisting in the coaching of young skaters.

And, it is absolutely adorable to watch!

As the youngest of three sons, Zachary does not get much opportunity to be ‘the big guy’ so it is utterly delightful to see him shining so bright out there with the little ones.

After last week’s coaching, Zach, in his most serious voice, told me how they handle the kids who are crying. Step one is to dry the tears and keep going (so always have Kleenex in your pocket). Step two is to wave to mommy or daddy on the sidelines (and distract as soon as possible with something really fun). Step three is to go over and give mommy or daddy a big hug (but make it quick). Step four is to just go with it and let the child leave the ice.

Monday nights have become a highly anticipated bright spot in the week and I couldn’t be happier to see my boy looking so thrilled! 🙂

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