More Heroes

I wrote a post a few days ago entitled My Hero. The post was about my son, Zach and his ability to ask for help when he needs it.

What I have had the opportunity to realize over the past few days, with my husband away, is that I am surrounded by heroes. People who are ready to jump in and help because I am still very sick and doing my best to parent three busy boys on my own.

HeroHere are just a few of the heroes in my life at the moment;

  • My son Max for lifting, hauling, reaching things down off high shelves and for being the shoulder I can lean on
  • My mom for coming out last night to cook us dinner and get the kids to school this morning so I could go to Toronto and run a workshop this morning…and for making sure I am following up with the doctor on blood tests, chest x-rays and next steps in my health journey…and for always mothering me so tenderly
  • My dad for making the boys’ favourite stew and sending it out with mom last night (with lots of leftovers)
  • My neighbour John who is enthusiastically carting Zachary back and forth to the hockey arena for his games and practices
  • My friend Shelley who is calling with her support, her love, her coaching and her wisdom
  • My sister Margie who keeps calling to check in with her unconditional love, her big heart and her broad shoulder
  • My friend Cheryl who is on standby for anything I need (groceries, meals, kid care, a hug  etc.)
  • My husband who keeps calling to check in and stay as close to the boys as he can on the other side of the country
  • The moms who are banding together tomorrow to make sure Michael and Zach have a fabulous Halloween

Isn’t it extraordinary to know that there are so many heroes out there just waiting in the wings for a chance to flex their superpowers?

Feeling incredibly appreciative, loved and held! 🙂Tender Heart

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