Post Number 365…This is It!

This is it. This is my last post.

This is post number 365.

I feel a little choked up as I bring this amazing project to a close. The feeling is kind of like watching one of my kids take just one more step away from me; equal parts happy and sad.

Through the Woods365 Radical Acts has seen me through quite a year. When I launched this project on November 1, 2013, I had no idea where it would lead. I had no idea if I could actually write and post every single day. I had no idea that I would learn so much about myself, about my life and about just how deep my passion for writing runs.

And I had absolutely no idea just how much exceptional runs through the fabric of my ordinary life. To the point that some days it was like tossing a coin to choose what exceptional aspect I wanted to share.

I am called and compelled to acknowledge 365 Radical Acts for what it has taught me over these past 365 days;

  • That each and every one of us has more exceptional in our lives than we could ever possibly notice
  • That exceptional is present in every moment
  • That being on the lookout for the exceptional aspects of my day increased them exponentially
  • That my life is about as far from ordinary as I could possibly imagine
  • That writing on a daily basis is like breathing…I simply cannot live without it
  • That I can do anything I put my mind to
  • That I am courageous
  • That I am all about joy, passion, exuberance and fun
  • That the practice of vulnerability and transparency is the only way I want to live
  • That I have boundless energy for the human experience
  • That I have a message I feel deeply compelled to share
  • That the purpose of my life is about only one thing…love
  • That I am an instrument of love
  • That I am at my most fulfilled when I am sharing my gift
  • That sharing my gift through writing is profoundly fulfilling
  • That love guides each and every moment of my exceptional life

And my biggest learning?

That this is just the beginning…!

Thank you for reading. xo:)Last Pink Heart

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