Radical Acts. We practice them every day. Some of them demand audacious courage. And some go unnoticed until reflection reveals their unmistakable presence.

Smiling at a stranger in the street, reaching out to an old friend, making a major life change that keeps you tossing and turning in the middle of the night. Each and every Radical Act requires the same basic ingredients; courage, vulnerability, curiousity, passion, purpose, connection, and a hunger for profound fulfillment.

Ironically, it is the small and sometimes seemingly insignificant Radical Acts that have the most profound effect on our lives. Those ordinary daily occurrences that become the catalyst for Radical change. It is my intention to shine light on my everyday ordinaries and witness the unfolding of extraordinary. I have no idea where this journey is taking me but I’m sure excited to be along for the ride!

I would love to hear about your Radical Acts!

Happy reading!

Katie 🙂


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