Evie and Olaf

My beautiful little niece, Evie, celebrated her 3rd birthday today. It has been a day of fun, celebration and the complete and absolute delight that goes along with a three-year-old.

FrozenI called my sister-in-law earlier in the week to ask what Evie would like for her birthday. I was not at all surprised to hear that an Elsa doll was at the top of the list. Evie is absolutely entranced with the movie Frozen. She knows all the dialogue, sings every song and spends countless hours a day playing imaginative games as either Anna or Elsa (or both). And anyone that plays with her is directed as to which character they will be and what they should be doing.


When I was at Toys r Us the other day, I had the best time shopping for my adorable niece. I was thrilled to find the Elsa doll that she wanted and chose some beautiful pink paper and a sweet birthday card. I decided that I wanted to add a little something to Evie’s gift so I grabbed a stuffed Olaf. What I didn’t realize until I got up to the cash resister is that Olaf is a talking stuffy. Oh well, I figured, it’s not coming to my house. And, I figured that my brother and sister-in-law would eventually forgive me.

When we had the birthday party this afternoon, Evie was very happy with her Elsa doll and absolutely over-the-moon with Olaf. She pushed the button over and over and giggled with absolute delight each and every time his voice drifted into the party.

There is just nothing more extraordinary than a young child standing knee-deep in joy!

Happy birthday my darling Evie! xo:)Olaf




It has been a day of sunshine, family, delicious food and birthday happiness. The family is gone, the house is clean and I am now absolutely full.

I have changed into my comfiest clothes and am about to snuggle in with my boys for a movie.

Happy Sunday! 🙂

A Big Boy Now

Zachary celebrated his tenth birthday yesterday and he couldn’t be happier to be ten years old (quite apart from the iPod that he has been so excited to procure).

I had chuckle this morning as Zachary and I were making our way downstairs for breakfast. Simon is away in Seattle on a business trip at the moment so the boys are aware of helping me a little more than usual. Zachary, of all the three boys, is my hardest worker. He loves to be given jobs and has a work ethic that, frankly, blows my mind. This past winter, he spent a great deal of time on The Weather Network website anticipating snowstorms. And there was not a snowfall that went by that he did not earn at least $50.00 shovelling. I know the freckles and the rosy cheeks are hard to resist but he also does a very good job.

As Zachary and I were heading downstairs this morning, I asked him if he would carry a few things down for me because I had to haul the overflowing laundry basket down the stairs. He looked at me with this adorable face and told me that I could carry my own stuff because he would carry the laundry basket for me. I thanked him and said that it was very full and very heavy. Over his shoulder I got a good dose of eye-rolling and a disarming tone; ‘mom, I’m ten years old, I can handle it.’

As I handed over the laundry basket and watched my youngest boy muscle his way down the stairs in front of me, my heart gave a little lurch for the adorably chubby baby he was just yesterday.Zach Little Guy

Double Digits

download (35)My baby is ten-years-old today. Ten years old!

In our family, when our boys turn ten, they get an iPod for their birthday. Zachary started asking for an iPod when he was seven years old so this one has been a heck of a long wait!

When I left for work at 7:00 this morning, Michael and Zachary were so engrossed in getting Zach set up that they barely noticed my leaving. And by the time I got home from work, Zach was on FaceTime with a girl from his class and had maxed-out his $25.00 iTunes gift card with some of his favourite songs and apps.

It feels as if he went to bed last night a kid and is now a budding teenager! Is an iPod really that powerful?

Happy birthday Zach! I love you!

Wonderful Tonight

Twenty-four years ago today I was in my third year of university in Ottawa. I had a group of incredible friends and life was just one party after the next. Three months earlier I had met a guy who was entirely different from any guy I had ever known; loud, outspoken, incredibly smart, and a little bit dangerous.

I was completely smitten.

Simon had a girlfriend when we met and he spent the better part of the winter winding down his relationship. As a result, nothing had been able to develop between us other than a powerful mutual attraction.

It was March 7, 1990 and I found myself standing in the Duke of Somerset ready to head home with my roommate, Lindsay, for the night. We had celebrated Simon’s 22nd birthday and it had been an incredible night. As I went to say goodbye to the birthday boy, Eric Clapton started to sing. And as Clapton crooned Wonderful Tonight, Simon kissed me for the first time.

I am an incurable romantic so perhaps I don’t have a leg to stand on when I say this but…that kiss was incredible. And to this day, I can close my eyes and evoke the feeling of the rest of the world falling away while I lost myself in those few moments.

I floated home on air that night and had the distinct impression that Simon was someone who was going to become an important part of my life.

Simon and I have kissed millions of times since that night twenty-four years ago. Sometimes it is an offhand hello, goodbye or a quick I love you. Every once in a while, though, I get swept away by that feeling from all those years ago that just goes right down to my toes and reminds me that Simon is the only one for me.

Happy birthday Simon. I love you! xoimg_a1605112aa1

A Little Kid

The presents are wrapped, the cupcakes are ready, and the family is all primed to go out tonight to celebrate Simon’s 46th birthday.

images (32)I absolutely love birthdays. I love the presents, the suspense, and the family all gathered round with wide eyes and hearts brimming with love. And the gifts look so beautiful sitting on the table I just cannot wait for the birthday boy to rip into them with gusto.

I am so excited I feel like a little kid and I can hardly wait for the festivities to begin! What if Simon doesn’t want to open his presents tonight? What if he wants to wait until his actual birthday tomorrow?

I just might blow a gasket! 🙂