Best Party Ever!

We had Zachary’s birthday party today. He opted for a hockey party in the park with eleven of his closest friends and it was fabulous! A bunch of the dads stuck around and played with the kids and it was wonderful to see the smiles, the laughter and the fun!

We came back here for pizza, cupcakes and presents and the last hour was spent in the park playing a massive game of Manhunt!

Some of my favourite childhood memories are of my birthday parties and this is one Zach will look back on and remember. After all his friends left I asked him if he had fun and he said; ‘mom, three words…best party ever’!

What a feeling!

And now that the house has been restored to its usual state of cleanliness after twelve young men tromping through it with popcorn and pizza, I can settle in for the evening and bask in the warm glow of a happy kid.

Now for that Epsom salts bath! 🙂


Our Birthday

It is Saturday, February the 1st. Fifteen years ago today Max Liam Geoghegan came into this world and changed my life forever. At 5:14 that morning my biggest dream came true and I became a mom.

download (14)Before becoming a mom, I had never really given much thought to the concept of a birthday. A birthday was simply a time when people got together, gave you gifts and shone all the attention onto you. What had never really occurred to me is that a birthday is actually a birth-day.

The day that your mom did the hardest job on the planet…bringing you into the world.

It hit me on Max’s first birthday. I spent the days leading up to his birthday re-living the previous year; false labour for days, a very long labour, and, eventually a C-section to bring him into the world. I recalled what an absolutely awesome labour coach Simon had been and the incredible support of our midwives from start to finish.

And while I was preparing for Max’s birthday party, and baking his very first cake, it hit me that I was not only preparing to celebrate Max. I was also celebrating me and the fact that I was the one who had brought him into the world.

Last night, at Max’s birthday celebration, I looked across the dinner table at him and felt the deepest sense of nostalgia…my baby boy is fifteen years old. So close to being a man that it makes my heart hurt if I think about it too hard.

I feel a keen sense of wistfulness for all three of my sons’ birthdays. And, I also feel that a part of each and every birthdays belongs, in some way, to me.

And so, on this very special day and with so much love and fondness, I say; ‘happy birthday’ to my dearest Max…and happy birthday to us! xo:Max Shinny