Above and Beyond

I have had an extraordinary day! After a fabulous day of work earlier in the week, I posted a blog called Thrilled and Fulfilled.

Turns out, thrilled and fulfilled was just the beginning!

Great JobI got an e-mail this morning to inform me that one of the participants in my workshop had submitted an ‘Achiever; Above and Beyond’ to recognize my work in his organization. And not only did he take the time to write a beautiful description of how I went above and beyond, he also took the time to forward it to some big names in the organization.


I have spent the day just basking in the glow of being so wonderfully acknowledged. And also celebrating the fact that the work I LOVE is having an impact.

It also reminds me just how important it is to acknowledge those people who have an impact on me. How often do I think that I should make a call, send an e-mail, or send a card and do not get around to it? Today, I have been utterly delighted by a thoughtful individual going above and beyond for me.

And now I can’t wait to do the same the next time someone inspires, delights and moves me! 🙂


Unlocking Possibility

I spent an extraordinary morning with my colleague/buddy/fellow trapeze artist, Liz. She brought along Sally Hogshead’s new book, How the World Sees You, and we had a ball together working on my anthem…the tagline for my personality and for my business.

Unlocking PossibilityUnlocking Possibility.

That’s my new anthem. And it’s exactly what I am up to in this lifetime.

I unlock possibility for myself in each and every day. That is where I parent from. This blog is all abut unlocking possibility by looking for the extraordinary in every day. Every workshop I run or client I coach is about unlocking possibility.

Isn’t it cool when you find two words that really nail who you are and what you are up to?

I’m totally jazzed! 🙂

Fail Forward 2014

I spent an absolutely fabulous day interacting with the concept of intelligent failure at the 2014 Fail Forward conference in Toronto. My buddy, Heather, and I kicked-off the conference, ran an 80-minute session and then networked for another hour this afternoon.

Fail ForwardAfter my two-hour drive in crazy traffic to get home, I am completely done. I wish I had the energy to share my day because it was truly amazing to spend an entire day swimming in failure.

And, I gotta say, presenting at a conference on failure is one of the most liberating things I have ever done…nothing can go wrong!!!!! 🙂

The Other December

I awakened this morning feeling a distinct dearth of energy. Yes, we had two very late nights this weekend, but there was more. It is just not like me to struggle out of bed in the morning. Sleepy

I pushed my way through our morning routine and bullied myself to attend my Monday morning weight class. As I was hefting and hauling my weights like a little trooper, I looked around and realized that I was not the only one struggling. The energy in the entire class felt distinctly low.

It was not just the spring in my step that was missing, it was the spring everyone else’s as well.

And that’s when it dawned on me…it’s June!

June is the month that I call ‘the other December‘ because there are parties, graduations, trip forms, picnics in the park, celebrations, field trips, exams, teacher presents, and the mounting hysteria as kids of all ages careen toward the last day of school.

Usually, by the time my birthday hits on the 5th of June, my business starts to wind down for the summer. As a sole proprietor business owner, that fact has its ups and its downs. From a financial perspective, a slow three months can be a hard hit. From a family perspective, however, it means I am way more available for kids going here, there and everywhere.

Especially in June.

I am thrilled to report that my business is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down until early August. That is a great-big-high-five and I am thrilled!

It’s just that I have to get through these next eleven days with that many more balls in the air. And between now and then, I really need more like a month to do it!

I am WOMAN! 🙂I am Woman


The Mini Lab

I absolutely love working for myself!

I love running my business, meeting new clients, designing workshops, running workshops, coaching, marketing, and managing my time. And, I have finally come to grips with the fact that I also love sales (and am really good at it too!)

FlyThe only fly in the ointment of my entrepreneurial bliss is proposal writing.

Writing proposals hearkens back to exam studying in high school. And, unfortunately, I have had thirty more years to perfect my procrastination practice!

I have had a proposal hanging over me all week. And, the crazy thing is, it is a project I am super excited about and work that I really want.

Mini CooperSimon and I have had a very busy week and decided that we would go to the Lettuce Love Cafe for lunch to have a catch-up. As we were driving in our cute little red Mini Cooper to Burlington, I told Simon I was struggling with my proposal. He asked for a few details and in about two minutes picked out the salient points and, basically, had the proposal written.

When we got to Lettuce Love I cracked open my computer and finished the proposal before lunch even arrived.

Yay Simon!

I have such a deep appreciation for idea people!

It is as if their brains are just wired for ingenious creativity and thinking outside of the box. And, they seem to miraculously manage to stay out of the weeds of all the details that the rest of us just can’t seem to avoid.

So, next time I have a proposal to write, all I need to do is drive somewhere in the Mini Idea Lab with my incredibly innovative and out-of-the-box husband!Out of the Box

The Extraordinary Ordinary

A nasty cold virus has been working its way through my family for the past ten days. By the time I went to bed last night I was beginning to feel that achy and heavy sensation that marks the beginning of a cold. I awakened this morning feeling much better than I thought I was going to and am now just feeling mildly crummy.

SilenceIf I had to, I could work my way through this touch-of-a-cold. I could push through and keep going. However, there is something calling me to be very quiet; to sit, to nurture, and to reflect.

As I was juicing a little while ago, I was reflecting on the day that I had yesterday and the blog post that was the result. I was thinking about the fact that every workshop I lead feels magnificent. I was reflecting on the gift of ending every day of work feeling profoundly fulfilled, in the flow, and on purpose. And I was thinking about the fact that every single group I encounter, whether it is large or small, is full of dynamic, loving, curious and passionate individuals.

So what, I wondered, is the common denominator?

Heart ConnectionAnd the answer is…connection.

Every workshop I lead gives me the opportunity to connect with people in a way that truly makes my heart sing. And, not only that, I have the profound privilege of bearing witness to people connecting with each other. And that is why, day after day, the fulfilment of the work that I have chosen just gets deeper.

And, interestingly, while the fulfillment gets deeper, the work gets easier.

I mean, really, to call it work feels almost silly.

Before I hit the stride that I am feeling now, it used to feel stressful to run workshops even though I loved front-of-the-room. It used to take me a while to connect with a new group and to find my flow state. I always felt a little shy and uncomfortable while I got my bearings, settled in, and created the safe learning environment that is so important to me.

FlowBut now, I feel that sense of connection and flow gaining momentum while I am travelling into Toronto in the early morning. And by the time I am kicking-off the workshop, I am so connected and so deep in the state of flow that it feels as natural as breathing. And that means that I can not only deliver the message that I have been hired to deliver, but can also take it to the next level with laughter, with fun, with play, with fierce coaching, and with deep connection.

I used to feel absolutely exhausted by the end of a work day. I used to feel depleted and drained. I would drag myself home and need hours to recover from the output of energy. The introvert in me still needs time alone to process. However, it is no longer from exhaustion. Now, it springs from the need to quietly celebrate and acknowledge the deep connection and the brilliance of the human experience that makes my heart feel so full it could almost burst.

My original intention with 365 Radical Acts was to celebrate and acknowledge the concept of the great, big, juicy, Radical Act. And I intended to do that by acknowledging something Radical or extraordinary in the ordinary of my every day to see where those would lead.

As this project continues to deepen, however, I am just coming to realize that the most Radical Act of all is to see the extraordinary in the ordinary of every day. These last 203 days have reminded me how easy it is to get caught up in the ordinary-ness of raising kids, grocery shopping, working, paying bills, making coffee, sleeping, cooking, healing, and fighting, and forget how extraordinary our lives really are!

And so, today, from my own little quiet and connected corner of the world,  I am sending out my deepest appreciation for this life that continues to unfold in all its extraordinary ordinary perfection.Love Life

Broken Record

As my fabulous day is winding down I am reflecting on my life, my work, and the profound fulfillment of my professional life.

I spent my work day doing what I love most; coaching, teaching, facilitating, and challenging the incredible human beings that I am so privileged to cross paths with.

As my workshop was coming to a close this afternoon with each brilliant participant sharing their own personal ‘ah-ha moments’, I was filled appreciation, joy, passion and deep fulfillment.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again…I LOVE what I do!

I know I must sound like a broken record playing the same tune over and over…but, truly, I am the happiest broken record in town! 🙂 🙂 🙂