The Day of the Chaga

Once again, my foodie crush, David Wolfe, and my buddy, Loren, have inspired me to a whole new level of diet, health and über wellness!

David Wolfe Chaga BookI was at Loren’s Raw Shop this morning buying a tray of pea sprouts for my juicing. She asked me how my cold is doing and suggested that I might want to try some chaga mushrooms to boost my immune system. I had heard David Wolfe talk about chaga mushrooms but wasn’t sure how to get my hands on them.

Loren produced not only a Ziplock bag of chaga mushrooms (which, I must say, looked remarkably suspect) but also a package of Instant Chaga and David Wolfe’s book entitled; Chaga: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms.

As I made my way home I decided that, once I got through the business part of my day, I was going to dedicate my day to the chaga.

Witchy CauldronI felt a bit like a fairy tale witch as I brewed my pot of chaga on the stove and had to resist the urge to let loose a maniacal witchy  chuckle. A few minutes later, however, as my mushroom brew came to a rolling boil, I did succumb to Shakespeare’s ‘bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…!’

I mean, really! How could I resist that one?

While I waited for my stovetop brew to be ‘cooked’, I tried out the package of Instant Chaga that Loren had given me to try. And, all I can say is…OMG! So delicious! It had sort of a caramel, coffee, sweet, and yummy taste. I have been looking for a delicious alternative to herbal tea and now I have found it. And, I can even see frothing almond milk and making it a morning latte treat with a sprinkle of cinnamon on the top.

I have already placed my online Instant Chaga order with Four Sigma Foods and will await delivery with much anticipation.

Chaga MushroomIn the meantime, I am curled up with David Wolfe’s intriguing book and a steaming mug of my stovetop brew. And, having never brewed mushrooms before, I was not quite sure what to expect. I am pleasantly surprised by the delightfully mild and earthy taste and I feel very much the Earth Mother as I drink my comforting chaga tea.

I am only about two chapters into Wolfe’s book but I am already a chaga convert. Here is what I have discovered so far about the medicinal qualities of this fabulous mushroom;

  • High Jing (life force enhancer)
  • So gentle it can be eaten by kids
  • High in zinc
  • Most alkaline food ever
  • High mineral content
  • Extraordinarily nutritious
  • Highest natural source of melanin (pigment in skin & #1 nutrient required by pineal gland)
  • High levels of antioxidants
  • Anti-viral
  • Amazing health and longevity tonic that is full of phyto-nutrients that slow the aging process
  • Boosts immunity
  • Staves off allergies and asthma
  • Helps fight cancer
  • Improves core vitality
  • Stimulates white blood cell production
  • Rich in vitamin D

I am now off to Zachary’s school to watch him in a much-anticipated dance performance. Oh the variety of my life is truly splendid…from Earth Mother one moment to Zachary’s mom the next!

Happy Friday all…!!! 🙂HAPPY FRIDAY


Naked Chocolate

Okay, it’s time to come clean. It’s time to start telling the truth. I simply cannot keep it hidden any longer…

imagesI have a massive ‘foodie crush‘!

Yes, indeed, I am head-over-heels. And his name is David Wolfe!

My crush started as a mild interest a few weeks ago when I stumbled across one of his videos on YouTube. And I have logged hours ‘at his feet‘ ever since. I have bought two of his books, have watched hours and hours of video footage, and have adapted many of his suggestions, especially concerning Superfoods.

So…I was already well on my way to falling in love when, last night, my crush spiralled into an all-out, losing sleep, can’t-stop-thinking-about-it crush.

So, you ask, what happened last night to catapult me into the realm of the star-struck teenage girl?

5155466780_db1587a735_bI watched David Wolfe’s Tedx Talk on raw chocolate!

Ooh la la!

I am a die-hard chocolate lover! And, at 8:00 last night, I was told, in no uncertain terms, that my absolute all-time favourite food in the whole-wide-world is ridiculously good for me! And, he does it all in The Second Circle which is just that much more delicious!

Now, tell me, wouldn’t you be in love too? I think it’s kind of the opposite of ‘don’t shoot the messenger…!’

I could continue to wax poetic but, really, what more is there to say? If you feel about chocolate the way that I do, I just need you to go and watch that Tedx Talk.

And then get back to me…!!! 🙂download

Super Snack

I am still absolutely loving David Wolfe’s book entitled Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future and am trying to incorporate as many superfoods as possible into my daily diet. I am pleasantly surprised at how many I have easily made a part of my day and it has now become a fun challenge to feed myself super-bly.

images (42)I am just about to call it a day but wanted to share my before-bed-super-snack before I hit the hay…

  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 1 and 1/2 tbsp chia seed
  • 1/4 cup goji berries
  • 1 tbsp cocao nibs

Stir all the ingredients together in a short glass or bowl, cover and leave in the fridge overnight. The chia seed is gelatinous so the concoction becomes a creamy pudding. And, it offers up three of Wolfe’s ten superfoods; coconut milk, cocao nibs, and goji berries. In tonight’s version I am also going to add some hemp seed (a fourth superfood!!!)…I’ll report on that addition at a later time.

Enjoy…and sweet dreams! 🙂sweet-dreams1

A Rock and a Hard Place

DavidWolfeSuperfoodsI have fallen in love yet again. This time his name is David Wolfe and he is completely inspiring me to new heights of health, vibrancy and complete and utter joy.

I stumbled across David Wolfe on YouTube a few weeks ago while watching a health/nutrition/raw food video and have been absolutely enthralled ever since. I absolutely love his message, his passion and his unparalleled knowledge of his subject matter.

Wolfe’s message is simple…the ability to live long, healthy and joy-filled lives is just a matter of feeding ourselves the very best food we can get our hands on. And, he does not advise taking things out of our diet so that we feel deprived. He just recommends adding nutritious, delicious and beautiful foods that will have us naturally gravitating towards the food that is so good for us.

Wolfe has inspired me to add superfoods like goji berries, bee pollen, maca, cocao nibs, and spirulina into my daily regimen. I have also added medicinal mushrooms and ashwaganda to my diet and I am just at the very beginning of my journey with Wolfe.

download (42)The result of these changes is that I am feeling an energy that is clean, clear, vibrant and alive. I am absolutely loving the food I am putting into my body and am thrilled with my new awareness of some of the superfoods available to me.

As I was driving to my dermatologist appointment in Toronto this afternoon it occurred to me that my body was just brimming with a feeling of aliveness and bliss. And as the sun shone and I sang along to the music on my radio, I felt a deep appreciation for the right teacher coming into my life at the perfect time with the message that would take me to the next level in my Radical health journey.

What a feeling!

I felt the same vibrancy and joy on the return trip home (even though I had waited and hour to see the dermatologist for three minutes). I was hungry when I arrived home so I put together my afternoon salad and delighted in the process of chopping and prepping. While I ate my beautiful salad I cooked dinner for the family; teriyaki chicken breasts that I had left marinating before my trip to Toronto, basmati rice and a green salad.

download (43)By the time dinner was on the table my wonderful energy started to fade. And as I sat and watched my family eat the dinner I had made for them I felt as if all the joy and vibrancy was leaving my body like water down a fast drain.

Simon asked me if I was okay and it was all I could do to answer him as I had no idea what was taking place inside my sensitive Psyche. All I could come up with was that I wanted dinner over with. Simon told me to leave the dishes so that he could do them after returning from Michael’s lacrosse practice but I needed to get the greasy, messy kitchen cleaned up…and fast.

As I did the dishes I felt a sadness so heavy that it almost made me break down and cry. And as I scrubbed the greasy chicken pan it struck me that I had fed my family a meal that I would not eat myself. I had fed them food that no longer resonated with me or my choices or my values. And I had fed them a meal that didn’t even compare to the aliveness that my dinner had.

So here’s the dilemma…how do I feed myself the very best food possible and continue to provide something different for the people I love most in this world? How do I respect their process and not force mine upon them? How do I persuade my kids that kale chips are so much better than potato chips? How much do I insist? And can I stand to support my family in the diet of their choice?

Sitting here between a rock and a hard place sure feels uncomfortable…"Rock, Hard Place" Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.