Thanksgiving & Appreciation

Isn’t it funny how we take our bodies for granted? At any moment I can run up the stairs, enjoy a workout, go to the grocery store and keep going for hours at a time without breaking a sweat.

Right now, just getting up the stairs is a marathon that leaves me totally winded.

I have decided that, on this holiday Monday, my health is right up there at the top of the list keeping company with my adorable family who have taken such good care of me these past twelve days.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂



I am pulling out the big guns to support my body and my immune system through this pneumonia.

Here’s what I have done today…I have had a telephone consult with my naturopath on immune-boosting protocols, had an extended session with my chiropractor this morning, had an epsom salts bath and did a 20-minute oil pulling session. And for tomorrow, I have booked a 90-minute essential oil hot stone massage and for Thursday a Reiki and Reflexology treatment.

Three DeerAs I was on my way to the chiropractor in Dundas this morning I had the most amazing drive. Three beautiful deer ran across my path as I was slowly making my way down into the valley and, moments later, I drove into the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen.

Being someone who absolutely believes in magic I thought I would share the meaning of my messages;

Deer Crossing Your Path: It is often a sign not to be too hard on yourself. Still the voice of the self critic and treat yourself with gentleness and understanding, be yourself and continue along your path. Seek out your inner treasures and use them generously to help those around you. Trust that kindness and graciousness will be well received. Deer is a messenger of serenity, can see between shadows and hear what isn’t being said. Deer teaches us to maintain our innocence and gentleness so we can share our open-heartedness with others.

photo-3 copyRainbow: It is no coincidence to see a rainbow…it is a ‘close encounter’ with a powerful sign from Spirit. These close encounters tell us that Spirit is gently reminding us to stay on our path and not get distracted or be in a rush. And that the treasures of the rainbow are ours and will come in beautiful and unexpected forms. Release expectations and embrace the gifts and beauty of the tender beauty of Nature and blessings from the Universe.  

Just gotta love those messages of gentleness, balance, power and magic! 🙂

My New Mantra

More than enough. Always enough.

My new mantra came to me today as I was driving through the sunshine and the beautiful fall colours of the Niagara Escarpment on my way to a lunch date with my girlfriend, Cheryl.

As I drove through the splendour of fall, my mantra literally downloaded into my consciousness. And, at that very moment I felt a rush of joy so big and so wonderful my eyes stung with the beauty of it. And I realized that I have never felt more abundant, alive, and on purpose than I do at this very moment!

MagicAnd there is so much more on its way;

  • More fun
  • More love
  • More laughter
  • More peace
  • More joy
  • More money
  • More abundance
  • More balance
  • More play
  • More prosperity
  • More bliss
  • More attraction
  • More manifesting
  • More happiness
  • More of the work I LOVE so much
  • More creativity
  • More passion
  • More appreciation
  • More magic
  • More connection
  • More fulfillment
  • More energy
  • More health
  • More fitness
  • More wellness

More than enough. Always enough.

An extraordinary Friday indeed! 🙂

Closed for Business

Early BirdYou parents will love this one…

I love mornings. My energy is high and I am bright and alert. My very best work is done early in the morning and, in terms of productivity, I can probably accomplish a full day’s work between the hours of 4:00am and 6:30am.

Tired BirdThe other end of the spectrum is the evening. I am tired, completely drained of energy and cannot make decisions (even chocolate or vanilla could send me into a tailspin…!!!)

Part of being the parent of three children is the hours of administrative work every week. Trip forms, party RSVPs, money conversations, play date arrangements, agenda signing, homework.

The list goes on.

Calling MomOne of the things I find the most challenging about parenting is those just-before-bed surprises; “Oh mom, I have a 20 page trip form for you to sign”, “Oh mom, I told Jacob’s mom you would call her tonight”, “Oh mom, I need money for my lunch tomorrow”, “Oh mom, I have an assignment due tomorrow”, “oh mom, I’ve got a wart on my foot that’s been there for six months”, “Oh mom, we are supposed to wear a costume to school tomorrow.”

It took me many years of parenting before I realized that I actually cannot deal with these nighttime demands. And so, I have let my family know, in no uncertain terms, that I am ‘Closed for Business’ after 8:00pm. So now when one of the kids approaches me in the evening, I don’t even have to say anything. I just look at the clock and they sigh deeply and walk away.

I have also made it clear that I will be ‘Open for Business’ again the next morning as early as 5:00am and that they are welcome to float their request or demand at that time.

Funny though, none of them have ever taken me up on it! 🙂Closed for Business


My extraordinary for today is my dear friend Tanis.

Heart HandsTanis describes herself and her work in her Twitter handle as; Humorous Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Mother and Friend. Attain spiritual and personal mastery thru energy awareness!

I spent 90 wonderful minutes with Tanis this afternoon and I just have to say…personal mastery through energy awareness really knocks my socks off!

Thank you Tanis. For your heart, your warmth, your love, your wisdom, your generosity and for holding me with such fierce tenderness.

For everything!

I love you! xo:)

Happy New Year

Back to SchoolThere is just something about this time of year that energizes and delights me! After the fun and relatively unstructured summer, I am ready to dive back into life with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

And this year feels particularly wonderful!

The Glimmer of Hope that I was feeling one week ago has become a shining beacon. Michael and Zachary are on Day Eight of their evolving relationship and I feel as if I am living in a new family. The conflict between them has completely shifted and the energy in our house is vibrant, happy and relaxed. I am parenting in a way that aligns with my deepest core values and I go to bed at night feeling like the kind of mom I always dreamed I would be. Simon comes home from England tomorrow and is excited to jump in and join us in our new way of being together.

Clean HouseTo add to the delight at home, I have cleaned out cupboards, drawers, organized papers that have been accumulating and donated clothes that we no longer need or want. What a feeling of lightness when you let go of things that are no longer a part of your journey! More to come on that one for sure!

Yesterday I met with a new accountant and I am already over-the-moon happy with her. For the first time ever, I understand basic tax concepts. And, she drew me pictures while she was talking which just jazzed the visual learner in me. She is going to work in partnership with the new financial planner we are meeting on Monday so even our finances are going to feel bright and shiny! No more dreading those horrible brown envelopes from the Canada Revenue Agency which always seem to come bearing bad news!

A happy new year indeed! 🙂Happy New Year September


Breath in the System

I live in an all-male, full-on, highly extroverted system and, sometimes, I just need a break.

After our week in a full-on, uber-high-energy city with my energetically enormous family, I am tired.

Garfield TiredAnd not just a little tired…a lot tired.

Zachary and I packed our bags this morning to head north for a little breather with my mom and dad. The four of us are just about to sit down to a quiet dinner and there is just nowhere in the world that I would rather be at this very moment.

Isn’t it extraordinarily wonderful to feel that way?!?