Above and Beyond

I have had an extraordinary day! After a fabulous day of work earlier in the week, I posted a blog called Thrilled and Fulfilled.

Turns out, thrilled and fulfilled was just the beginning!

Great JobI got an e-mail this morning to inform me that one of the participants in my workshop had submitted an ‘Achiever; Above and Beyond’ to recognize my work in his organization. And not only did he take the time to write a beautiful description of how I went above and beyond, he also took the time to forward it to some big names in the organization.


I have spent the day just basking in the glow of being so wonderfully acknowledged. And also celebrating the fact that the work I LOVE is having an impact.

It also reminds me just how important it is to acknowledge those people who have an impact on me. How often do I think that I should make a call, send an e-mail, or send a card and do not get around to it? Today, I have been utterly delighted by a thoughtful individual going above and beyond for me.

And now I can’t wait to do the same the next time someone inspires, delights and moves me! 🙂


To Make or Not to Make?

how-to-style-a-bed-bedsThat is the question!

And the answer is decidedly ambiguous. In our family we are in two separate camps. And there is very little grey area in the middle.

I make our bed every single morning. I actually love the process of making the bed. The fluffing of the pillows, the smoothing of the sheets, the order out of chaos of the fluffy duvet.

On an early work morning I often leave the house before our bed is vacated. Making it is one of the first things I do when I get home. I will even make the bed moments before climbing into it at night just for the feeling of it. There is something about climbing into last night’s bed that just doesn’t appeal to me.

And this week, as I have been down with pneumonia, I have not missed one single morning.

My husband is on the other side of this bed-making equation. Simon likes an unmade bed. He actually prefers that the bed is not made. He likes to climb into bed at night with the pillows already smushed and the duvet in wild disarray. As far as Simon is concerned, the work to get comfy has already been done and he can just drift into happy slumber.

Thankfully, Simon has conceded to my preference and has turned the care of our bed over to me.


Unmade BedBut that’s not where my bed-making stops. I make Michael and Zachary’s beds too.

But, truly, it is not what you think!

I started making their beds because I just like the look of a tidy bed. And, bed-making, for whatever reason, is just not high on my list of parenting agendas that I feel a need to push. Believe me, I have lots of other ones to make up for my laid-back-bed-making expectations.

Michael and Zachary love stuffed animals. And, between them, they own at least two hundred (and that’s after a serious pare-down before our last move sixteen months ago). And although they own lots of them, they have their absolute favourites that have earned the privilege of not just sharing shelf space but sharing bed space as well. It is these favourites that have turned my bed-making into a delight rather than a compulsion.

After smoothing the sheets, fluffing the pillows and pulling up the duvet just-so, I arrange their stuffies. And I don’t just throw them in a big pile, I take time and effort to make them look like a happy gang of pals just hanging out on the bed ready to welcome the kids back into their rooms whenever that may be. And, I vary the arrangement from morning to morning so that the kids are surprised.

photo-3 copy 2This practice started when we moved into this house just over a year ago and has become a delightful little morning ritual. It has also become yet another way for me to say; ‘you matter to me and I love you.’ I don’t need them to thank me or even to notice the effort I put into their beds because it just makes me so happy.

Turns out that the kids have noticed. Michael particularly.

A few months ago when I had back-to-back workshop days in Toronto, I stayed in town at my brother’s house for the night. When I returned home just before bedtime on the second day, Michael was up in his room.

When I walked in to greet him with big hugs and kisses, Michael told me how homesick he had been for me. And when I asked him why, he told me that his unmade bed had made him feel lonely and my absence that much more pronounced. He went on to tell me that when he walks into his room after I have worked my magic, he feels like I have left him a wonderful love note on his bed. And that he gets a warm feeling and knows that mommy has been there and has spread her love just for him.

Oh boy! Talk about a heart-melter!

Needless to say, the bed-making continues and fills me with delight, love, warmth and playful fun.

And…if you are wondering why I have not mentioned Max in my maternal bed-making, it’s because he lives on the third floor in ‘scary teen land‘ and I only venture up there if I absolutely have to!  Gotta show Max my love in other ways!

And what brings this topic into the fore today, you may ask? With all this time stretched out on the couch in healing mode, I have had the opportunity to get sucked into Facebook with no guilt. This piece caught my eye this morning so I just had to share…enjoy! xo 🙂By91WTjIgAEXKsY.jpg-large

My New Mantra

More than enough. Always enough.

My new mantra came to me today as I was driving through the sunshine and the beautiful fall colours of the Niagara Escarpment on my way to a lunch date with my girlfriend, Cheryl.

As I drove through the splendour of fall, my mantra literally downloaded into my consciousness. And, at that very moment I felt a rush of joy so big and so wonderful my eyes stung with the beauty of it. And I realized that I have never felt more abundant, alive, and on purpose than I do at this very moment!

MagicAnd there is so much more on its way;

  • More fun
  • More love
  • More laughter
  • More peace
  • More joy
  • More money
  • More abundance
  • More balance
  • More play
  • More prosperity
  • More bliss
  • More attraction
  • More manifesting
  • More happiness
  • More of the work I LOVE so much
  • More creativity
  • More passion
  • More appreciation
  • More magic
  • More connection
  • More fulfillment
  • More energy
  • More health
  • More fitness
  • More wellness

More than enough. Always enough.

An extraordinary Friday indeed! 🙂


My extraordinary for today is my dear friend Tanis.

Heart HandsTanis describes herself and her work in her Twitter handle as; Humorous Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Mother and Friend. Attain spiritual and personal mastery thru energy awareness!

I spent 90 wonderful minutes with Tanis this afternoon and I just have to say…personal mastery through energy awareness really knocks my socks off!

Thank you Tanis. For your heart, your warmth, your love, your wisdom, your generosity and for holding me with such fierce tenderness.

For everything!

I love you! xo:)


Here’s what I appreciate about today;

  • That I pushed my body to the limit in a killer workout this morning at the gym
  • That the sun was shining so brilliantly
  • That I have a delightful new coaching client
  • That Simon and I have a new financial planner and the outlook is good
  • That I had a massage this afternoon
  • That one of my clients gave me a referral which could bring in lots more business
  • That my slow cooker lentil curry was delicious (even though I have enough to feed the entire neighbourhood!)
  • That Simon and I had a great walk this evening before dinner
  • That I am excited about delivering my first workshop of the new term tomorrow
  • That today was Monday and I got to work, exercise, play, connect and take care of myself

Extraordinary! 🙂

Happy New Year

Back to SchoolThere is just something about this time of year that energizes and delights me! After the fun and relatively unstructured summer, I am ready to dive back into life with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

And this year feels particularly wonderful!

The Glimmer of Hope that I was feeling one week ago has become a shining beacon. Michael and Zachary are on Day Eight of their evolving relationship and I feel as if I am living in a new family. The conflict between them has completely shifted and the energy in our house is vibrant, happy and relaxed. I am parenting in a way that aligns with my deepest core values and I go to bed at night feeling like the kind of mom I always dreamed I would be. Simon comes home from England tomorrow and is excited to jump in and join us in our new way of being together.

Clean HouseTo add to the delight at home, I have cleaned out cupboards, drawers, organized papers that have been accumulating and donated clothes that we no longer need or want. What a feeling of lightness when you let go of things that are no longer a part of your journey! More to come on that one for sure!

Yesterday I met with a new accountant and I am already over-the-moon happy with her. For the first time ever, I understand basic tax concepts. And, she drew me pictures while she was talking which just jazzed the visual learner in me. She is going to work in partnership with the new financial planner we are meeting on Monday so even our finances are going to feel bright and shiny! No more dreading those horrible brown envelopes from the Canada Revenue Agency which always seem to come bearing bad news!

A happy new year indeed! 🙂Happy New Year September