Happy New Year

Back to SchoolThere is just something about this time of year that energizes and delights me! After the fun and relatively unstructured summer, I am ready to dive back into life with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

And this year feels particularly wonderful!

The Glimmer of Hope that I was feeling one week ago has become a shining beacon. Michael and Zachary are on Day Eight of their evolving relationship and I feel as if I am living in a new family. The conflict between them has completely shifted and the energy in our house is vibrant, happy and relaxed. I am parenting in a way that aligns with my deepest core values and I go to bed at night feeling like the kind of mom I always dreamed I would be. Simon comes home from England tomorrow and is excited to jump in and join us in our new way of being together.

Clean HouseTo add to the delight at home, I have cleaned out cupboards, drawers, organized papers that have been accumulating and donated clothes that we no longer need or want. What a feeling of lightness when you let go of things that are no longer a part of your journey! More to come on that one for sure!

Yesterday I met with a new accountant and I am already over-the-moon happy with her. For the first time ever, I understand basic tax concepts. And, she drew me pictures while she was talking which just jazzed the visual learner in me. She is going to work in partnership with the new financial planner we are meeting on Monday so even our finances are going to feel bright and shiny! No more dreading those horrible brown envelopes from the Canada Revenue Agency which always seem to come bearing bad news!

A happy new year indeed! 🙂Happy New Year September


Team G in the Big Apple

New YorkAwakened at 3:00am for our 4:00am departure.

Picked up Max in Pennsylvania and headed to our hotel in New Jersey for a swim and some relaxation.

Headed over the George Washington Bridge for dinner in Manhattan. What a view!!!!

Found a fabulous Japanese restaurant just around the corner from Washington Square. A wander through the square after dinner (with Michael re-living favourite moments from ‘I Am Legend‘!)

It is now 11:00pm and Team G is well and truly pooped!

Goodnight New York…you might not sleep but we certainly will! 🙂

Peach Crisp

Zachary and I have had the most deliciously easy day. We both slept until after 9:00 and had a long cuddle before we got up. And, as we were cuddling and not having a care in the world for the time, we decided that the energy of holidays is truly lovely.

Peach CrispWe went on a bike ride after breakfast this morning with my parents and my aunt and uncle and then stopped for some gelato by the pier.

This afternoon has seen us lounging by the pool, playing Scrabble and making a peach crisp.

Zachary and I had a ball making the crisp together and taste-testing the crumble topping until we got it just right. And, as we stood shoulder to shoulder at the counter, I was hit by a wave of love and peacefulness that was so strong it almost made me cry. There is just nothing on earth as lovely as time spent in the company of an adorable child.

Oh…life feels so good! 🙂

Place of my Heart

We are off to the cottage this morning.

Off to my single favourite place in this world.

LoonOff to the place that is delicately woven into the fabric of my being. The place I go when I am sad or sick or scared. The place I inhabit when I am awake in the middle of the night and can’t sleep.

My feet cannot wait to walk barefoot on the rocks and connect. My body to slip into the clear waters of Georgian Bay and feel the sheer delight of my childhood. My soul to watch the sunrise and the sunset.

And my heart to awaken in the wee hours to the call of the loon.

Leaning In…

My sister’s wedding is on Saturday!

Love CloudsMy mom and I have been cooking madly today to get all the food ready for the rehearsal party tomorrow night.

My brother and his family fly in from Vancouver tomorrow afternoon. The Cook family will be its full compliment of twenty people by this time tomorrow night.

Could NOT be more excited!

Posts over the coming days will be short and sweet as I am leaning into the love, the celebration and the FUN!

Yahooooooo! 🙂