More Heroes

I wrote a post a few days ago entitled My Hero. The post was about my son, Zach and his ability to ask for help when he needs it.

What I have had the opportunity to realize over the past few days, with my husband away, is that I am surrounded by heroes. People who are ready to jump in and help because I am still very sick and doing my best to parent three busy boys on my own.

HeroHere are just a few of the heroes in my life at the moment;

  • My son Max for lifting, hauling, reaching things down off high shelves and for being the shoulder I can lean on
  • My mom for coming out last night to cook us dinner and get the kids to school this morning so I could go to Toronto and run a workshop this morning…and for making sure I am following up with the doctor on blood tests, chest x-rays and next steps in my health journey…and for always mothering me so tenderly
  • My dad for making the boys’ favourite stew and sending it out with mom last night (with lots of leftovers)
  • My neighbour John who is enthusiastically carting Zachary back and forth to the hockey arena for his games and practices
  • My friend Shelley who is calling with her support, her love, her coaching and her wisdom
  • My sister Margie who keeps calling to check in with her unconditional love, her big heart and her broad shoulder
  • My friend Cheryl who is on standby for anything I need (groceries, meals, kid care, a hug  etc.)
  • My husband who keeps calling to check in and stay as close to the boys as he can on the other side of the country
  • The moms who are banding together tomorrow to make sure Michael and Zach have a fabulous Halloween

Isn’t it extraordinary to know that there are so many heroes out there just waiting in the wings for a chance to flex their superpowers?

Feeling incredibly appreciative, loved and held! 🙂Tender Heart

Round Two

After a great evening last night with our best friends and my sister and her husband, I awakened feeling absolutely crappy.

The pneumonia has made a comeback and, as of a visit to the on-call doctor this morning, I am on round two of antibiotics.

Totally bummed!

My extraordinary for today is that my husband has totally rallied and has taken exquisite care of me all day.

I may be bummed but I am also being tenderly nurtured by these amazing men I live with! xo:)

Thanksgiving & Appreciation

Isn’t it funny how we take our bodies for granted? At any moment I can run up the stairs, enjoy a workout, go to the grocery store and keep going for hours at a time without breaking a sweat.

Right now, just getting up the stairs is a marathon that leaves me totally winded.

I have decided that, on this holiday Monday, my health is right up there at the top of the list keeping company with my adorable family who have taken such good care of me these past twelve days.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

Divine Timing

UnwellWhen I awakened yesterday morning I didn’t feel better. In fact, if I allowed myself to really admit it, I was feeling worse. My lungs burned as if I had been running a marathon outside in minus 20 degree Celsius weather and walking up a flight of stairs left me feeling completely winded. My body was aching from head to toe and I was extremely low energy. And if I tried to do too much (like making smoothies for the kids) I got sweaty and shaky.

All I could think was…whose body is this?

I felt even worse this morning so I decided it was time to make a call to the doctor. I am not what you would call a regular patient. I visit my naturopath, chiropractor and energy healer on a regular basis but my doctor sees very little of me. Therefore, a call to the doctor is of great significance.

Divine TimingThe long and the short is that I have pneumonia. I have started a 10-day course of Biaxin and I am to be in bed for a week.

Here’s where the Divine Timing comes in… I have absolutely nothing on my calendar this week except one coaching call tomorrow.


Last week was jam-packed and next week is completely full of coaching and workshops.

It is as if the Universe perfectly orchestrated this week just for me. And, put a long weekend at the end just for good measure.

Isn’t that extraordinary?!?Out Sick

Extraordinary Appreciation

Heavy BoxWhen I got home from work last night, I suddenly had the urge to move the last two boxes that have taken up permanent residence in our bedroom since our move almost sixteen months ago. Isn’t it funny how long something can sit unnoticed and then suddenly become an eyesore?

The two boxes are heavy so I enlisted Simon’s help with my moving whim. And, being the strong guy that he is, Simon decided to move them both at one time. Unfortunately, as he picked them up he also turned to talk to me across the room and badly injured his back. He dropped the boxes and was in so much pain he couldn’t catch his breath.

Within moments of the injury we were on the phone to our chiropractor and, as luck would have it, she was open and was willing to see him as an emergency. Her diagnosis was that Simon had dislocated a rib. She did what she could, told him to go home and have an epsom salts bath and to come back for another adjustment in the morning.

Even getting into bed last night was painful for Simon and I feared that he was facing weeks of rehabilitation.

When he awakened this morning he was a little stiff but miraculously mobile. He didn’t even need the Advil that had been so necessary the night before. And, on his return from the second visit to our chiropractor and a thirty minute treatment from his massage therapist, he pronounced himself 90% recovered!

Simon and I have spent the day marvelling at the miraculous powers of a fit and healthy body to heal so quickly and how very fortunate we feel to have such a fabulous team of healers around us when we need them.

A happy Friday indeed! 🙂Healers